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Consultation with the sleep doctor

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Consultation with the somnologist involves the doctor examining your current state of health and complaints, and charting the symptoms that point to a sleeping disorder. In the consultation, it is good to talk to the doctor about your sleeping habits and schedule, whether you wake up at night, and of your other sleep-related behaviour. If you are taking any sleeping pills, tell the doctor which ones and how long you have been using them.

We recommend visiting the somnologist if you are experiencing symptoms of insomnia such as drowsiness, fatigue, exhaustion, trouble of concentrating, decrease of mental capacity, if you are constantly worrying about the quality of your sleep, if you are having mood swings and bodily changes such as palpitation, pain in the heart area, and when your mind seems to be constantly fogged up. The consultation is intended for adults.

No matter how old you are, sleep needs to be appreciated because it is the precondition of a good life. Nowadays, sleep apnea is easily curable. The right treatment will restore health and reduce drowsiness, snoring and weight.


Consultation with the sleep doctor
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