SARS Coronavirus Antibody analysis from venous blood (IgG)

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How does it work?

Recovery from infection with SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus produces anti-viral IgG antibodies in the blood, similarly to vaccination. Two to three weeks after getting infected or as a result of vaccination, antibodies are produced and they will remain for at least six months. This test detects the presence of antibodies and, unlike the rapid test, also shows their numerical level at the time of sampling.

What does it show?

A positive result indicates recovery from COVID-19 disease, late-stage disease or the presence of antibodies resulting from vaccination.

Why do it?

If you want to know whether you have been exposed to SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. We recommend taking the quantitative test for the detection of coronavirus IgG antibodies at the earliest two to three weeks after the start of symptoms, a positive PCR test result or vaccination.

PLEASE NOTE! The IgG antibody test is not suitable for initial diagnosis of the presence of coronavirus! If a coronavirus infection is suspected, a PCR test should be done.

How is the sample collected?

The antibodies are determined from venous blood, no previous fasting is required.

How quickly will you get the result?

The next working day. You can find the results in the online portal and, if necessary, you can get your test result and a certificate on paper.

Is it suitable for travelling?


Where can I do the test?

In all Confido clinics.


Wearing a mask is mandatory when taking a coronavirus test.

We provide this service

Confido Medical Centre
Veerenni 51, Tallinn
Rocca Al Mare Walk-in clinic
Paldiski maantee 102, Tallinn
Tartu Raatuse clinic
6th floor, Raatuse 21, Tartu


SARS Coronavirus Antibody Assay from venous blood (IgG)
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