Pulmonology (lungs)

A pulmonologist, or lung doctor, deals with lung and respiratory diseases.

The main problems and reasons for consulting a pulmonologist: bronchitis, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumonia, allergy, breathing disorders during sleep (snoring, sleep apnea), difficulty breathing (shortness of breath), prolonged cough, and wheezing.

You can see a pulmonologist or lung doctor without a referral. Reception financed by the Health Insurance Fund takes place only if there is a referral.

    Pulmonology nurse appointment

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    The pulmonology nurse carries out tests assigned by the doctor for patients who have come for a pulmonologist appointment. For example:

    • spirography
    • bronchodilator test
    • diffusing capacity measurement
    • inhaler use training, if necessary

    In addition, pulmonology nurses instruct patients with sleep disorders before sleep studies.

    Appointments financed by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund can be booked by calling +372 666 2727 or visiting the National eBooking System». A referral from a pulmonologist is required to register for an appointment with a pulmonology nurse.

    Pulmonology nurse appointment Inhaler training
    20 €
    15 min
    A pulmonology nurse appointment is preceded and followed by an appointment with a pulmonologist, who determines and evaluates the necessary examinations:
    Allergy immunotherapy
    35 €
    Up to 30 minutes
    25 €
    Up to 30 minutes
    Bronchodilator test
    50 €
    Up to 45 minutes
    Diffusing capacity measurement
    70 €
    Up to 45 minutes
    Polysomnographic test (Apnealink), partial
    125 €
    Up to 30 minutes
    Polysomnographic test (Nox), full
    210 €
    Up to 30 minutes

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