Anneli Kõiv

Nutritional consultant and weight management coach

Anneli Kõiv has completed the full nutritional counselor studies at Annely Soots Health School (2015–2017), in order to address the behavioral and motivational side of nutritional changes and weight loss she studied nutrition coaching in Precision Nutrition Academy (2018-2020) and became a certified Nutrition Coach LP1. As she is a big fan of the holistic approach to health issues she has attended lectures on the theory of Chinese medicine and nutrition with Dr Rene Bürkland at the Health Alchemy Clinic (2009–2013) and studied reflexology at the Krautman Health Academy (2009). As a nutrition consultant and coach, Anneli Kõiv is specialised in weightloss. For every customer she uses individualised approach which suits best with the customers needs and lifestyle. Besides weight issues she advises how to remake the daily menu and balance the nutrients in order to maintain good health and stamina or to support your body with balanced nutrition in case of different illnesses and conditions (high blood pressure, – cholesterol, migraine, depression, digestive disorders etc).

Services provided