Heinrich Rahe

Heinrich Rahe

Clinical psychologist

Clinical psychologists deal with patterns of the psyche and mental disorders and study, assess and treat the factors that sustain the disorder using various methods of testing and psychotherapy. During the initial consultation, the clinical psychologist clarifies the mental health status and identifies issues. If signs of a mental disorder are present, the physician prepares an intervention plan and selects appropriate evidence-based psychotherapy treatment methods. Clinical psychologist consultations can be one-off or recurring events. Where necessary, a psychiatrist is involved in the assessment and treatment process. You can also see a clinical psychologist to specify whether and which psychological examinations are required for a more accurate assessment of the mental condition.

I offer psychological counselling and therapy for youngsters and adults in the form of individual psychotherapy or couples and family therapy. I appreciate science-based, contemporary, and effective methods, and a respectful approach to diversity. In my work, I mainly use the methods and principles of cognitive behavioural therapy and dialectic behavioural therapy.

Age limit for provision of services

  • Aged 13 and older

Working Languages

  • Estonian
  • English

About Heinrich

Heinrich Rahe has a Master’s degree from the University of Tartu (2013) and he is an accredited clinical psychologist (EQF level 7). He passed training for cognitive behavioural therapy and regularly partakes in various professional courses and training. Dr Rahe focuses on psychotherapy and assessing the psychological needs of youth and adults. He mainly uses cognitive behavioural therapy and dialectic behavioural therapy for treatment. Dr Rahe is a member of the Estonian Professional Association of Clinical Psychologists, the Estonian Association for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and the Estonian Association of School Psychologists.