Kadri-Liis Sits

Kadri-Liis Sits

Clinical psychologist

Kadri-Liis Sits acquired a Master’s degree in psychology from the University of Tartu. Kadri-Liis is a clinical psychologist trained in cognitive behavioural therapy. She believes in regular self-improvement through further training, supervisions and specialist literature. Kadri-Liis is a member of the Estonian Professional Association of Clinical Psychologists and the Estonian Association for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. As a clinical psychologist, Kadri-Liis offers psychological counselling and therapy to adolescents and adults. In her work, she mainly implements the principles and techniques of cognitive behavioural therapy (and dialectical behaviour therapy).

“I consider helping people become their own therapist in line with the principle of cognitive behavioural therapy to be the most important aspect of my work. I believe that by challenging your mind, accepting your feelings and learning from new experiences, we are able to mitigate any difficulties. I also respect dialectical behaviour therapy and use the corresponding techniques as these can help people cope with strong emotions and shape a life worth living with all its ups and downs.”

Age limit for provision of services

  • Aged 12 and older