Prof Toomas Toomsoo

Neurologist, Head of Internal Medicine Clinic

Prof Toomas Toomsoo has graduated from the Faculty of Medicine (1996) and completed residency in neurology (2001) at the University of Tartu and is enrolled in the doctoral programmes in the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery at the University of Tartu and at the University of Tübingen Institute for Clinical Brain Research (Germany). In addition, prof Toomsoo has a certificate in transcranial sonography, for the execution of neurovascular ultrasound (carotid arteries, cerebral arteries) and for using ultrasound to assess carpal tunnel syndrome. As a neurologist, prof Toomsoo helps people troubled by all kinds of neurological problems, but his special professional interests are headaches and Parkinson’s disease. His goal as a doctor is to diagnose the illness and find the best treatment method or help the patient understand that he or she has no neurological illness.