Hasso Uuetoa

Cardiac electrophysiologist, cardiologist

Dr Hasso Uuetoa has graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at University of Tartu (1993), did his internship at Tartu University Hospital and in several hospitals in Tallinn (1995), and completed his residency in cardiology at hospitals in Tallinn and Tartu and in an interventional cardiology department in Helsinki University Hospital (2001). The doctor regularly participates in electrophysiology seminars and conferences in Estonia and elsewhere. Hasso is a member of both the Estonian and European Societies of Cardiology, Estonian Society of Hypertension, and European Heart Rhythm Association. Dr Uuetoa has worked in Sweden for years but also wishes to help Estonian people with heart conditions. Doctor’s special interest is electrophysiology/cardiac rhythmology. If you have the heart arrhythmia or a heart pacemaker, then you should consult with Dr Hasso Uuetoa.