An examination of birthmarks gives peace of mind

Melanoma is a very dangerous form of skin cancer, but with early detection, it is treatable. Melanoma can develop from birthmarks; therefore you should track any changes that occur on your skin. If you have any concerns about your birthmarks, come to Confido Private Medical Centre for a teledermoscopic Dermtest, which will help to distinguish between malignant and benign skin growths. A birthmark assessment is necessary for those:
  • Who have problematic birthmarks (have become enlarged, the shape has changed, have recently appeared, are bloody, itchy);
  • Who have suspected the appearance of their birthmarks have changed;
  • Who have a birthmark that is asymmetrical, is darker than other birthmarks and has a different shape than other birthmarks;
  • Who has immediate family with cancerous skin lesions;
  • Whose risk of melanoma has increased with intensive tanning or continuous visits to a tanning bed.
At your appointment, a dermascopic photo will be taken of the birthmark or marks that are of concern and they will be sent to a specialist for consultation at the Dr Niine Dermatology Clinic. Usually 1-3 birthmarks are photographed. The whole body is not assessed at this point, this is a first examination of the birthmarks with the ability to track them in the future.

Answers given after examination

Within 48 hours, an answer from the Dr Niine Dermatology Clinic will be sent to us, explaining whether there are signs that indicate skin cancer, melanoma or possible future formation and what further action should be taken, whether it should be tracked or if it should be surgically removed and sent to the laboratory for further examination. Examination costs 45 euros for the first birthmark, and 15 euros for each consecutive birthmark. If there are more than three birthmarks on your body that need to be examined, you will be sent to the Dr Niine Dermatology Clinic. Book an appointment