Coaching programme for reaching and maintaining a healthy body weight

Change your habits, change your life! This three-month coaching programme was made for you if you are looking to lose weight but are not quite sure how to do it without submitting to another restrictive diet. The main reason diets and meal plans fail to deliver long-term change is because people focus more on getting results quickly, not permanently. A coaching programme will help you attain permanent lifestyle change.

Coaching is for you if any of the following arguments apply in your case:

  • You have repeatedly tried to lose weight but nothing seems to work.
  • You are tired of hearing recommendations such as ‘eat less, move more’.
  • You want to be free of diets.
  • You have grown tired of constantly thinking about what and how much to eat.
  • It seems too complicated to adhere to a preassigned meal plan to the letter.
  • You have no time or willingness to count calories or weigh your food.
  • You feel that your excess body weight is preventing you from living your life to the fullest.
  • You believe that going all in is the one true strategy for losing weight.
  • You would like to change your habits, but you do not know where to start.

Classical nutrition counselling focuses on mapping and analysing the client’s eating habits and giving advice. A nutrition coach supplements this approach with practical habit alteration to make the results permanent. In addition to showing you what to eat, we also pay attention to how to eat in order to restore the natural connection with the signals your body is sending. Once we learn how to do that, we can move on to conscious eating, i.e. eating at the right time and eating the rights things for the body in the appropriate quantity.

Once your eating habits have been redefined, the coaching shifts focus to habits that help change the way you think. We look for and find answers to questions you would never have thought could impact your weight-loss journey:

  • Why do you even want to lose weight? Why is it important to you?
  • What expectations do you have for changes? Will the change be positive or may it also invoke some harm?

In planning your personal change, we will determine the best- and worst-case scenario for the process ahead. You will decide the right goal for you and what steps you want to take to move towards that goal.

How does coaching work?

You will work with a nutrition counsellor to establish specific targets, come up with a system to move towards your goals and prepare a realistic plan. Regular feedback will keep you on the right track and give you further motivation to keep going.

Coaching is a process; there is no fixed solution or common approach for everyone. The journey differs for each client. Coaching is not unlike tailoring in that you achieve a change perfectly fit for you. Your coach will be your partner in this process. They will help turn excuses into opportunities and keep you from getting side-tracked.

The programme lasts for three months. Price: € 390

NB! Meetings take place via web!

The price includes:

  • One 90-minute initial meeting with your coach (getting to know the coach, assessment, setting goals, preparing a personal success plan).
  • Two 60-minute meetings with a nutrition counsellor on site at Confido or via an online meeting.
  • Thorough written feedback and progress analysis with your coach every other week.
  • Your personal goal established with the coach and a realistic action plan to move towards that goal.
  • Simple weekly tasks to change your habits – feeling your body’s signals, focused eating, snack and water challenges, daily exercise plan, etc.
  • A gradual and conscious transition to a healthy and nutritious menu with the help of easy-to-follow eating instructions, portion control and menu planning. Please note! This does not constitute a meal plan! Coaching does not include a specific meal plan.

Your coach will be a supporting but demanding discussion partner. Feedback every other week will give you support and motivation to keep on track and stop you from slacking off!


Duration up to
Total programme price
390 €
3 months

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