Female infertility consultation

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At Confido, infertility issues are handled by our experienced gynaecologist Dr. Ailen Aluri. Because the causes of infertility often lie in the hormonal system, we also have on call a highly experienced endocrinologist, Dr. Tatjana Toomsoo.

First of all, the woman is thoroughly interviewed regarding her previous pregnancies, menstrual cycle, health, previous illnesses, lifestyle, etc. Then there is a general physical examination and a pelvic examination carried out, including vaginal and cervical swabs and ultrasound imaging if applicable. Ultrasound imaging helps estimate the time of ovulation with sufficient accuracy and confirm if ovulation takes place. Acquiring evidence of ovulation cycles is especially important when treating couples for infertility.

In the case of infertility, blood tests for sex hormones are also performed. These play an important role in estimating ovarian reserve and determining the reasons of anovulation (the absence of ovulation). Some of the blood samples need to be taken on certain days in the menstrual cycle. The price of the consultation is 70 euros.

The joy of having kids is one of the greatest joys a person can experience in their life. I provide advice and specialized examinations to assist people on their journey to parenthood.

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Female infertility consultation
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