Tattoo and permanent makeup removal

The Confido Aesthetic Medicine Clinic offers the most comfortable removal of tattoos, permanent makeup and foreign pigments without damage or scarring of the skin. Our doctors perform procedures using high-quality state-of-art laser equipment with cryocooling.

    Laser removal of permanent lip make-up

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    Removal of permanent lip make-up is a safe laser procedure that allows removal of unwanted permanent make-up of almost any colour. Laser removal of permanent lip make-up at Confido Private Medical Clinic is performed only by specialists with higher medical education. This technique has been used for decades worldwide.

    How does it work?

    The laser beam is applied only to the specific dye without damaging the skin and seems to pass through the skin. The laser acts specifically on the lip portion with permanent make-up, destroying coloured pigment only and without leaving scars or burns.


    If you are unhappy with the work of the permanent make-up master, or the colour tint or shape of the permanent makeup has changed after a long period of time, this procedure restores the original appearance of your lips. The recommended course ranges from 2 to 7 procedures, depending on the metabolic rate and individual characteristics of your body as well as the ‘desolateness’ of the permanent make-up.

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    • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.
    • Painful menstruation on the day of the procedure.
    • Recent tan acquired less than 2 weeks before the session.
    • Diabetes mellitus.
    • Aggravation of herpes infection with intense breakouts.
    • Predisposition to keloid scars.
    • Acute infectious diseases.
    • Cancerous diseases.
    • Epilepsy.

    Almost all of these contraindications are relative, and the final decision on the procedure is made by the doctor or nurse at Confido Private Medical Clinic during the physical examination and consultation immediately before the procedure.

    About the procedure

    To remove the permanent make-up, we use powerful and safe laser equipment. The procedure therefore lasts from 2 to 5 minutes depending on the complexity of the removal procedure. The procedure is safe and removes virtually any colour pigment. Laser removal of permanent lip make-up is the only way to remove the dye completely, regardless of how long ago it was applied. The recovery process (slight reddening and swelling) takes from several hours to a few days. During the procedure, special air cooling is used to reduce pain and adverse effects.

    Description of the procedure

    The skin of the lip area is cleared and then the air anaesthesia is applied on the desired portion, if necessary (the air stream is cooled to minus 20 degrees Celsius). The eyes of the patient are protected against the laser beam with glasses. The laser procedure is then carried out, which is felt as a tingling sensation. Following the procedure, the skin of the lips can be treated with a medical antiseptic and, if necessary, additional cooling is applied with the application of the medicine for better regeneration.


    As a result of the laser procedure, a decrease in the brightness and the ‘width’ of the permanent make-up on the lips will be seen. The effect will be noticeable 2 to 3 days after the procedure, as soon as the swelling diminishes, and will continue to become more and more prominent over 1 month. After 8 weeks, the repeat procedure can be performed.

    What do you need to know before the procedure?

    If you have cold sores regularly, it is recommended to take a drug against herpes a few days before the procedure. This will protect against unwanted breakouts. Don’t forget to inform the doctor about your allergies.

    What will happen after the procedure?

    If you feel any pain after the procedure, you may use your regular painkiller. If swelling of the lips occurs, you can apply a cooling package. Avoid saunas and massaging the face, as well as peels and scrubs, during the first few days after the procedure. Within 14 days after the procedure, avoid sunbathing and solariums. It is recommended to use sun cream when you are planning to go outside.

    The advantages of laser removal over tattoo removal

    • During laser removal and after the procedure of anaesthesia, the laser beam affects the problematic area, so no injections during the laser removal are required and the skin remains undamaged. With tattoo removal, after anaesthesia, the drug is literally ‘pumped’ into the skin of the lips using the same machine used for a permanent tattoo.
    • The laser removal procedure may only lead to scar formation if misused, while tattoo removal may result in allergic reactions, scarring as well as infection.
    • The duration of the laser removal procedure is several minutes. The removal treatment takes 30 to 40 minutes.
    • Laser removal is more gentle procedure that requires virtually no preliminary preparation and subsequent care. The [tattoo] removal procedure requires careful additional care, and the procedure is traumatic. It may lead to irreversible scars.


    • How long does the procedure take at Confido Private Medical Clinic? A few minutes.
    • How many sessions are needed?
      On average, 2 to 7, depending on the individual features.
    • Is the procedure painful?
      Laser removal of permanent lip make-up is performed using local anaesthesia, and it feels like tingling.
    • What are the advantages of removing lip tattoos at Confido?
      We are the official medical expert centre of laser medicine in the Baltic States, and the procedures are carried out by certified healthcare professionals only, using expensive and modern world-class equipment at our clinic. Therefore, we can provide the greatest and safest result with minimal discomfort for the patient. Unfortunately, we often deal with patients with scarring and other problems after the removal of lip tattoos at other, so-called ‘beauty clinics’.
    • What is inversion of the dye after removal of a lip tattoo?
      If outdated iron-based pigments were used, during the laser removal procedure of a red tattoo, colour inversion is possible (to green). The doctor at Confido Private Medical Clinic will perform the necessary test during the initial consultation to avoid this unpleasant complication.
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