Tattoo and permanent makeup removal

The Confido Aesthetic Medicine Clinic offers the most comfortable removal of tattoos, permanent makeup and foreign pigments without damage or scarring of the skin. Our doctors perform procedures using high-quality state-of-art laser equipment with cryocooling.

    Permanent eyebrow makeup removal with laser

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    Permanent Eyebrow Makeup Removal is a safe medical laser procedure that will help you permanently get rid of permanent makeup of any colour without damaging the delicate eyebrow skin. At Confido Private Medical Clinic, laser removal of permanent eyebrow makeup is performed only by specialists with higher medical education, it does not cause scarring and does not lead to a violation of the growth of hair on the eyebrows. This technique has been used for decades worldwide and has proven to be effective.

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    How does it work?

    This method of removing permanent makeup from eyebrows eliminates the possibility of getting scars and burns, since a laser beam of a strictly defined wavelength is used, which does not damage the skin in any way, as if it were just passing through. The laser reacts exclusively on paint of a strictly defined colour. The pigment inside the skin is instantly heated under the influence of a laser beam, leading to destruction of the colouring matter, and the microparticles of the destroyed pigment are then removed by the body’s immune system. The laser affects and destroys the colouring pigment only from the area of the eyebrows covered with permanent makeup. Many patients report that eyebrows grow even better after the procedure than before the treatment.


    Removing permanent makeup from eyebrows is relevant if the quality of the permanent makeup is poor or you just want to change your image. Laser treatment is also necessary if the eyebrow tattoo has acquired an unwanted shade (orange, pink, blue) or has become asymmetrical over time. A medical indication for removing dye from the skin is pigment allergy.


    • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
    • Painful menstruation on the day of the procedure
    • Recent tan acquired less than 2 weeks before the session
    • Diabetes mellitus
    • Predisposition to keloid scar formation
    • Acute infectious diseases
    • Cancerous diseases
    • Epilepsy

    Almost all of these contraindications are relative, and the final decision on the procedure is made by the doctor or nurse at the Confido Aesthetic Medicine Department during the individual physical examination and consultation prior to the procedure.

    About the procedure

    Powerful and safe laser equipment is used at Confido Aesthetic Medicine Department for permanent eyebrow makeup removal. The procedure lasts from 2 to 5 minutes, is safe and allows the removal of virtually any pigment colour. Laser removal of permanent eyebrow makeup is the only way to remove the dye completely, regardless of the application time. The recovery process (slight redness and swelling in the eyebrow area) takes from several hours to a few days. Special air cooling is used to reduce pain and adverse effects during the procedure.

    Step-by-step description of the procedure

    Before the procedure, all makeup is removed from the face and the eyes are covered with protective glasses. The brow ridges are pre-cooled with dry cold in case of painful sensations. The laser procedure is then carried out, which is felt as a tingling sensation. Following the procedure, medical antiseptic can be applied on the eyebrow skin and, if necessary, additional cooling is performed with later application of the regeneration medicine. After the procedure, the patient is given home care recommendations.


    A decrease in the brightness and the ‘width’ of the eyebrow permanent makeup will be seen as a result of the laser procedure. The effect will be noticeable 2 to 3 days after the procedure as soon as the swelling diminishes and will continue to become more prominent over 1 month. After 8 weeks, the repeat procedure can be performed. More frequent procedures are not recommended or must be discussed separately with a Confido Aesthetic Medicine specialist.

    What do you need to know before the procedure?

    Before the procedure, a consultation with a Confido Aesthetic Medicine specialist is required, during which it will be possible to accurately assess the condition of the skin, the volume and depth of pigment, the presence of skin micro-scarring and other important parameters affecting the prognosis and cost of the procedure. Don’t forget to inform the doctor of your allergies. Do not tan or use the solarium 2 weeks before the procedure.

    What will happen after the procedure?

    After the procedure, the eyebrow hairs will continue to grow normally. It is possible that during the procedure the hairs may lose some of the pigment and become lighter for a while, but after some time the eyebrows will acquire their usual shade.

    This procedure minimally traumatises the skin, so you can immediately return to your usual life. However, after the procedure, you cannot sunbathe (in the sun or in a solarium), you should not use cosmetics in the eyebrow area and it is recommended not to visit saunas, bath houses and swimming pools for several days.

    Frequently asked questions

    • Will the eyebrow hair suffer during the removal of the permanent makeup?
      No, hair follicles are deeper than the pigment layer, so they will not be damaged during the procedure. On the contrary, many patients notice that after the procedure the hair begins to grow better.
    • Will there be crusts or blisters after the procedure?
      The laser used in our clinic has a very mild effect on skin areas when removing permanent makeup from eyebrows, so slight redness and swelling are possible, but there will be no crusts and blisters and, moreover, there will be no blood after the procedure. Redness and swelling reduce on their own a few hours after the procedure.
    • What is the advantage of laser removal of permanent eyebrow makeup at Confido?
      We are the official medical expert centre of laser medicine in the Baltic States, and the procedures at our clinic are carried out only by certified healthcare professionals, using expensive and modern world-class equipment. Therefore, we can provide the greatest and safest results with minimal discomfort for the patient. Unfortunately, we often consult patients with scarring and other complications from the removal of permanent eyebrow makeup at other, so-called ‘beauty clinics’.
    • Is it possible to remove part of the permanent makeup but not all of the eyebrows?
      Yes, discuss this with your doctor during an individual consultation.

    If my eyebrows are freshly done, when can I get my first treatment? We recommend that you carry out the first procedure no earlier than 2 months after applying the permanent eyebrow makeup.

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    Procedure price
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