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We treat and diagnose diseases of the genital organs and the urinary tract in both men and women. We offer both preventive and scheduled treatment. Confido Surgery Centre uses innovative and patient-friendly laser technology for destructing kidney stones.

Urethral reconstruction

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The urethra, also known as the urinary tract, is an organ that expels urine from the body. Urethral injuries can occur due to accidents, surgical procedures, or other health issues. In such cases, urethral reconstruction surgery may be necessary.

The goal of urethral reconstruction surgery is to restore the normal function of the urethra and repair any damage. Different methods and technologies may be used during the surgery depending on the extent and location of the injury.

Trauma after surgery involves urethral reconstruction following an injury. The operation may involve cutting the damaged area and restoring tissue, usually using autogenous tissues such as the patient’s own mucous membranes or skin. Sometimes foreign materials, such as prostheses or stents, are also used.

Urethral reconstruction surgery can be a long and complex process and is usually performed under general anesthesia. After the surgery, catheterization of the urine may be required for a period of time to keep the restored urethral area stable and prevent complications. The recovery time after surgery can vary depending on the extent of urethral damage and the complexity of the operation.

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Urethral reconstruction
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