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Regular exercise is essential for maintaining both mental and physical harmony. At Confido Medical Center, our training sessions focus on conscious training, emphasizing correct exercise techniques, personalized approaches, and promoting good health. Group sessions are held in small groups of up to 10 people.

Fitbody Weight Loss

Part of the Fitbody training family, this series of workouts is for anyone wanting to lose weight in a healthy way, i.e. by reducing their body fat percentage while maintaining and increasing muscle tone. The programme was developed under the guidance of fitness trainer Egle Nabi.

The exercise class focuses on basic exercises that engage more muscles at a time, ensuring greater calorie expenditure and efficiency. Muscle exercises alternate with aerobic exercises: this adds intensity to the workout and increases the amount of energy expended. A variety of exercise equipment is used: bars, elastic bands, dumbbells, mats, kettlebells, fitness balls. Each participant chooses their own pace and extra weight.

The exercise class consists of four-week cycles. Participants follow the same plan for four consecutive weeks to achieve muscle development through consistent training. This enables the person exercising to figure out the correct training load during the class, as they will have time to get used to the technique and also notice how the result improves with each session. Every four weeks, the plan changes so that the development is varied and muscles do not get into the habit of working in the same position.

Each session starts with a warm-up and ends with restorative exercises. Throughout the exercise class, the trainer pays attention to technique, correcting and coaching as necessary.

– Egle Nabi

I recommend the Fitbody Weight Loss training series for anyone looking to lose weight in a healthy way, i.e. with active exercise. People who want to lose weight have to make sure weight is not lost at the expense of valuable muscle tone. This is why it is important to include muscle training in your exercise plan. Fitbody Weight Loss is tailored specifically for this purpose – it takes into account the goal of weight loss while focusing on maintaining and developing strength and muscle tone.

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