For businesses

Confido’s mission is to be the best partner in health for its business clients. Our new and up-to-date health centre provides a wide range of specialists and services to support you on any health-related questions. We offer flexible and personalised solutions for companies of all profiles.

Occupational health

Regular medical examinations ensure employees retain their best working abilities and provide for a safer working environment.

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Coronavirus testing

If you suspect a potential outbreak in your company or simply want to make sure your company is operating in a virus-free environment, it is a good idea to test your employees.

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Lectures and health days

We help improve employees’ health literacy by organising health days and giving lectures.

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We organise seasonal vaccinations both on your company premises as well as in our clinics.

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Information for general practitioners

We offer the best and fastest services to our network members both in terms of quick access to specialist appointments as well as tests and analyses.

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