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Mindfulness parenting course

Raising children is one of the most challenging responsibilities and opportunities in a person’s life. It can be very difficult and tiring, and at the same time very rewarding and joyful. Sometimes, however, life becomes so fast-paced that raising children comes down to mere obligation and a way of somehow coping with all that. Being a parent is then simply a mandatory activity on the endless to-do list, without us being able to just SPEND TIME WITH AND SIMPLY BE WITH our children. We lose touch with the experience of being with our children as a family and raise our child as if on an autopilot.

Do you feel that this also applies to you? During the eight-week course on conscious parenting starting soon, we will learn to turn off autopilot!

During mindfulness parenting course meetings, we learn to focus more on experiencing what is happening here and now. Focusing your attention in this manner will help you better cope with your own stress, the stress of raising your children and any stress in your family life. We can be more present and share in the joys and difficulties of parenting. All of this allows us to see situations more clearly and make more sensible decisions, rather than reacting to everything automatically.

What is mindful parenting?

Mindful parenting is an ongoing creative process, not an end point. This involves consciously bringing assessment-free attention to every moment as best as you can. It involves being aware of what is going on in your inner world (your thoughts, feelings and body sensations) as well as what is going on outside (your children, family and home as well as society). This is an ongoing practice that comprises:

  1. greater awareness of the child’s individual nature, feelings and needs;
  2. an increased ability to be present and listen with full attention;
  3. acknowledging and accepting that things exist as they are in this moment, be they pleasant or unpleasant;
  4. learning to recognise your reactive impulses and learning to respond more appropriately, with greater clarity and goodwill.

About the organisation

The mindful parenting programme was developed by Susan Bögels and Kathleen Restifo (2008) and applies both classical mindfulness exercises and exercises designed specifically for parents. It is important to do a variety of exercises every day in between meetings, which take around 20-45 minutes a day.

The group size is up to 16 people. Two-hour meetings take place once a week. An introductory interview will take place before the start of the course.

Times of the course

Please pre-register for the mindfulness parenting course. The group starts when a sufficient number of people are interested.

Pricing information

The price of the course is €400. The pre-course individual meeting costs €40.