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Addiction counsellors

The purpose of addiction counselling is to support and advise the client and increase motivation and self-confidence. An addiction counsellor is a person who has personal experience with an addictive disorder. The consultation introduces chemical addictions in general and explains the nature of alcohol, drug and medication addiction.

Treatment programmes and consultations are available in estonian and russian.

Web-based treatment programme for recovering from addiction to alcohol

Our web-based approach supports recovery from addiction to make the positive change you deserve. This programme is a convenient way to look at the reasons behind your addiction no matter the time or place.

Completion of the treatment programme centres around stopping the addictive behaviour, understanding your addiction and changing your habits. On a daily basis, you are supported by an experience advisor who is your guide to a sober lifestyle. Where necessary, a psychiatrist, a psychologist and a family therapist will be consulted.

Counselling sessions for the programme take place over Skype and include the preparation of a treatment plan to support your recovery every single day on your way to a sober life.


50 €


60 minutes


40 €


120 minutes

To achieve permanent changes, we recommend taking part in the programme for 1-3 months.

For more information call +372 5322 5170 or send an e-mail to kaja.heinsalu@confido.ee

Programme availabe in Estonian and Russian.