Rein Heinsalu

Rein Heinsalu


Rein Heinsalu has studied psychology at Nord Academy (2010) and in Master’s studies at Tallinn University (2010–2014), and has studied transpersonal psychotherapy at SACH International (2006–2009). Rein highly values professional development. Every year, he attends various professional seminars and training courses. Rein has a certificate in psychotherapy from the European Transpersonal Association and in IMAGO relationship therapy. He has also completed a dialectical behaviour therapy course. Rein is a Chinese nei-kung exercise instructor. His first academic degree is from the St Petersburg Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinema (1978). As a psychologist-therapist, Rein Heinsalu consults people in case of crisis, anxiety, insomnia, depression, relationship stress, psychosomatic disorders, etc., and through the therapies helps them regain balance and become effective again.

I have two higher education degrees: theatre and psychology. The first taught me deep analysis of human relationships; the second to understand and change unwanted psychological states. We all come across unexpected stressors. We can become fixated on them, resulting in low moods, sleep and eating disorders, conflicts. Medication is not necessarily the solution. Often therapy and counselling can successfully replace or support psychopharmaceuticals by helping to untangle any knots and teaching you how to change unwanted mental states. As a health trainer, I teach methods to balance blood pressure, relax muscle tension and improve digestion through mindfulness and Chinese neigong exercises. I counsel people struggling with crises, anxiety, insomnia, depression, relationship issues, psychosomatic disorders, etc. and help them find balance through therapy.

Working languages

  • Estonian
  • English
  • Russian