Dr Agnes Reitsnik

Dr Agnes Reitsnik


Dr Agnes Reitsnik graduated from a residency in neurology at the University of Tartu in 2017, having previously completed a residency in rehabilitation and physiotherapy in 2003 and the Faculty of Medicine in 1997. Her experience in rehabilitation and neurology is long and international – she has worked and improved her skills in several clinics in Germany for many years. Dr Reitsnik regularly participates in neurology conferences and training events every year and is happy to keep herself updated on new and modern neurological treatment options.

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Specialist: Dr Agnes Reitsnik

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I have been working with many neurological diseases and illnesses on a daily basis for many years, which has been a great and valuable experience for diagnosing and treating them. I really like the development of treatment options in neurology (immune and biological medications, monoclonal antibodies, plasmapheresis, Botox, baclofen pumps), which I also specialise in. I love the joy on the patient’s face when treatment has been effective. I regularly do on-call work, where it is necessary to quickly recognise the symptoms in order to help the patient in the best possible way. As we like to say: “Time is the brain.” However, the approach to each patient is and will remain individual.