Confido children and family centre evolves


In the newly renovated Confido Children and Family Centre, many new services await children and their parents, which will support the parents at every phase of the child's development.

We understand how essential it is to provide thorough support to children and their parents on their journey through parenthood at the Confido Children and Family Centre. Therefore, at our centre, we have gathered all the important services that future or current parents require for various health concerns at all phases of their child's development.

It makes no difference whether you are new parents taking their first steps in this important role or whether you are experienced parents – we believe that every family deserves access to high-quality support and assistance, and we're committed to providing exactly that.

We are aware that children and parents require different support needs. Our doctors, nurses, midwives, speech therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists and other specialists are there to help the entire family, in both preparation for childbirth as well as what to do after the child is born.

A broad range of services

We offer a broad range of services at the Confido Children and Family Centre. We can help evaluate your child's development and health indicators; we can also refer you to the correct specialist, if necessary. Regarding various health concerns, paediatricians, family doctors and general practitioners, nurses and specialists focused on children (e.g. allergist, infectious disease specialist, sleep counsellor, pulmonologist) are waiting to help. In order to support the development of babies and infants, we offer baby swim sessions, massages and gymnastics as well as appointments with a chiropractor or a physiotherapist and mental health support.

A sufficient amount of sleep is necessary at any age; however, it is especially important for children as it directly impacts growth and development. Our sleep specialists can recommend the right methods to parents so that a sufficient amount of sleep is ensured for their baby or infant.

During pregnancy, we offer various tests to examine the child's health and development (e.g. KTG, Niptify); for mothers, we offer yogamassage as well as physiotherapy. We also provide help during the postnatal period by offering support from mental health professionals as well as family therapy.

A child-friendly environment

The Children and Family Centre will introduce new people who help create a friendly and safe atmosphere for your young ones. In order to ensure that children feel welcome at our place, we have created a child-friendly environment equipped with play areas, changing tables, a beautiful waiting area as well as fun souvenirs to reward toddlers.