Youth Counselling Centre

In the event of sexual health concerns, book an appointment with one of our experienced nurses or midwives, who can perform the necessary tests and refer you to a specialist (including a urologist, gynaecologist, psychologist) free of charge, where necessary.

Book an appointment for a nurse/midwife’s appointment if:

  • you have questions about the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases;
  • you suspect a sexually transmitted disease and would like to take the tests;
  • you are seeking advice on any sexuality issues;
  • you need help choosing a contraceptive or want to renew your prescription;
  • you suspect that you are pregnant and it is necessary to confirm or rule out pregnancy;
  • you need psychological help on sexuality or even sexual violence;
  • you need advice on some social issues affecting young people’s lives.

Without the patient’s permission, no information about their health, test results or diagnosis discussed during the appointment will be passed on to parents, family doctors or anyone else. Issues and concerns discussed at the appointment will be dealt with in confidence. 

Book an appointment:

PLEASE NOTE! Patients who have registered for an appointment are kindly asked to arrive at the clinic 5–10 minutes before the agreed appointment time so that we are able to register the visit. The specialist might not be able to receive patients who are late for their agreed appointment time.

Our friendly and experienced midwives will assist you: