Marju Randma-Maboudi

Marju Randma-Maboudi

Customer Experience Developer

I graduated from Tallinn University with a degree in pedagogy and child psychology, specialising in music therapy. I began my career as a teacher for children and young people with autism and moved on to continue working in the financial world. I have worked with corporate and retail clients in various banks and know a thing or two about the insurance world. However, I found my real calling in the field of customer experience, where a business mindset and the strategic view of the company meet the customer’s needs.

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Specialist: Marju Randma-Maboudi

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By nature, I am enthusiastic about providing a high-level customer experience and believe that every point of contact on the customer journey provides an opportunity to create a unique and great experience for our customers. I am convinced that developing the customer experience is a team effort; only by working with our colleagues can we make every experience not only better for the customer of Confido but also the best.