About us

Confido Medical Centre was founded in 2013 by doctors. The national healthcare system focuses on treating diseases, but at Confido, we also focus on protecting and maintaining your health and improving your quality of life.

Confido's employees are general practitioners, specialised doctors and specialists who are renowned professionals in their field and provide fast and high-quality service.

You are welcome at Confido if you want to have a check-up and get advice on how to say healthy. We are also ready to help with any health complaints that need an expert opinion or if the waiting line of the national healthcare service is too long.

Confido does not have a contract with the Estonian Health Insurance Fund. All services are subject to a fee. You need to book an appointment beforehand. To book an appointment, call 1330 or send an e-mail to info@confido.ee

Booking and payment

Booking an appointment will ensure fast service

Booking your appointment in advance will save time and make the service faster and more convenient. Use our homepage, call 1330 or send an e-mail to info@confido.ee to book an appointment for consultation, testing, vaccination or medical certificate issuing.

If the consultation reveals that you need to undergo further testing or analyses, a new appointment will be agreed on site. Blood for the analysis can be given on working days from 08:30- 09:30 on a first come, first served basis.

Prepayment will confirm the appointment time

After booking your appointment, an e-mail will be sent to you with a prepayment invoice for the service. The appointment time will come into effect after we have received the prepayment. The prepayment includes the price of the consultation with a doctor or specialist. It does not, however, include the price of examinations or analyses, the need for which is determined during the consultation.

Modify or cancel your appointment time in the case of unexpected events

To modify or cancel your appointment time, you must contact us as soon as possible but no later than 24 hours before the appointment. We can then set a new appointment time or return the prepayment.

If you do not inform us that you are unable to come to the appointment or if you cancel during the last 24 hours before the appointment, the prepayment will be used to cover preparation costs and will not be refunded.

Appointment and cooperation

Please arrive slightly ahead of your appointment

We expect you to arrive 10 minutes earlier. Bring with you:an identity document (incl. for children), your glasses or contact lenses (if you use them) for the issue of medical certificates. Please refrain from eating, drinking and smoking before a blood analysis. We recommend drinking a glass of plain water beforehand. You are also allowed to take your daily medications beforehand (except when your doctor has said otherwise or when they can be taken only with food).

Health and personal data are confidential

By booking an appointment for services, you agree to the terms of service.To provide the best service possible, our doctors and specialists have the right to examine and process personal and health data both before and during the service. All information that becomes known about the patient will be documented, preserved and kept secret from third parties. Check out the terms of service

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