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Vaccination for cervical cancer (HPV)

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Cervical cancer is the second most commonly lethal malignant tumor among young women (15-44 years) in Estonia and in Europe in general. The most common cause by far of cervical cancer is infection with the human papillomavirus or HPV. There are more than a hundred types of papillomavirus, and only a portion of them is associated with cancer.

Vaccination helps prevent cervical cancer. While vaccination does not completely eliminate the risk of developing cervical cancer, it reduces the risk considerably. Depending on age, vaccination includes 2-3 injections administered in the course of 12 months.

Vaccination for cervical cancer or HPV is above all recommended for young women, but can provide women of any age protection against the viruses which most commonly lead to cervical cancer.


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Service: Vaccination for cervical cancer (HPV)

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