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Feel free to visit a Walk-in-Clinic without making an appointment. However, we still recommend booking in advance to ensure medical attention when it suits you best. All services offered in Walk-in-Clinics are subject to a fee. No health insurance fund coverage is needed to receive medical attention.
  • Birthmark examination and additional counselling
  • ECG or electrocardiogram

    Electrocardiography or ECG is a fast and painless test that by connecting electrodes onto the body shows information about the frequency of heart beats and of various rhythmic disturbances. The test enables to assess blood supply disorders of the cardiac muscle (myocardial ischemia), the situation of the heart after a cardiac infarction has been experienced, and the possible overload and enlargement of heart’s chambers.

    How is the test performed?

    • You need to lie on your back during the ECG test.
    • Electrodes will be attached to your hands, legs and chest.
    • During the test, you must not move, speak or cough.
    • In case of acute illness, changes in ECG can occur relatively quickly. That is why it may be necessary to perform the test many times after short intervals.


    25 €

  • Body composition test and health counselling
  • Blood sugar measurement
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Nasal cavity coronavirus test (SARS-CoV-2 RNA)
  • Quick test for detection of coronavirus antibodies (IgG and IgM)
  • Covid-19 antigen rapid test with certificate