Vaccination of foreigners


It is also possible to vaccinate foreigners in Estonia. People who do not have an Estonian personal identification code, but stay with a residence, study, or work permit, can get vaccinated at Confido vaccination points. In addition, we also vaccinate EU citizens staying in Estonia for a longer period if they have a valid European Health Insurance Card.

We cannot vaccinate people who stay in Estonia short-term (less than 5 days) or whose stay is temporary (based on a visa-free movement or visa).

I am a foreigner. Can I get vaccinated in Estonia?

The following are the specific conditions under which we can vaccinate foreign citizens. These rules have been established by the Estonian Government. Confido will not accept cash or any other payment method to receive the corona vaccine if you do not qualify under these conditions.


If you have any questions, please contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who can instruct you on how and under what conditions foreigners can be vaccinated against the coronavirus in Estonia.

Information was updated on January 24, 2022