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We treat and diagnose diseases of the genital organs and the urinary tract in both men and women. We offer both preventive and scheduled treatment. Confido Surgery Centre uses innovative and patient-friendly laser technology for destructing kidney stones.
We perform various endoscopic upper and lower urinary tract operations. In the urology department, we also perform andrological procedures, where we solve problems related to male infertility in cooperation with the Next Fertility Clinic and treat chronic diseases of the genital tract.

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In order to perform surgical procedures, a prior appointment with a doctor of the relevant specialty is required, who will put together your treatment plan.Book an appointment or call +372 629 9277. Please familiarize yourself with the rules and guidelines for patients before surgery.

    Urinary incontinence surgical treatment

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    There are various urinary incontinence disorders, the most common of which are stress and urinary incontinence. Stress incontinence is the involuntary leakage of urine during exertion (jumping, running, etc.) due to low intraurethral pressure, pelvic connective tissue, and muscle weakness. In milder forms, special gymnastic exercises or medicines can help.

    In the case of stress incontinence, there is an error in the control of bladder filling. The irritability of the bladder has increased and the retention of the micturition reflex has worsened.
    Surgical treatment of urinary incontinence using the sling method is indicated in the case of stress or mixed urinary incontinence. In the case of the latter, both forms of the disease occur simultaneously.

    The course of the procedure

    Urinary incontinence surgery aims to support the urethra-bladder connection so that the urethra does not open during physical exertion. With the sling method, a sling made of special material is used for support, which is placed under the urethra through the vagina. The ends of the sling are brought out with a special needle in the groin area. First, two 0.5 cm long skin incisions are made there, which are later closed. Threads are removed on an outpatient basis on the 5th day after surgery.

    Urinary incontinence surgical treatment For men
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    Urinary incontinence surgical treatment For women
    Starting from 2200 €
    Surgeon's appointment
    120 €
    30 min

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    Service: Urinary incontinence surgical treatment

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