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Tests and procedures

We offer a wide selection of tests, procedures and analyses to prevent, diagnose and monitor as well as treat illnesses. You will usually be referred for tests and procedures by our doctors or nurses. Various blood analysis packages are available without a referral. We perform blood, urine as well as stool tests. We offer all common X-ray imaging, ultrasound examinations and magnetic resonance imaging services. We perform, among other things, ECG, spirometry, Holter monitoring, sleep analysis, Dermtesting for mole examination and several other specific tests. We recommend scheduling a consultation with one of our doctors or nurses in addition to having analyses and tests. They will help interpret the results and give recommendations on how to stay in good health. At Confido, you can have analyses, tests and procedures performed quickly and conveniently. Confido also performs many diagnostic tests for family health centres where the costs are covered by the testing fund and the pricing is based on the price list of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund. This requires a referral by a general practitioner.


    Nasal flu vaccine (for children aged 2-18)

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    The flu is an acute viral infection that usually spreads through droplets released by sneezing or coughing. Infants (0-5 years) are in a risk group because the flu often causes complications in children, the most common of which are bacterial ear infections. Therefore, we strongly recommend that children from the age of 6 months be vaccinated against the flu every autumn.

    Vaccination against flu for children:

    • helps prevent illness in family members (especially important if there are children under 6 months old in the family);
    • protects grandparents from getting the flu;
    • reduces medical visits, need for antibiotic courses and hospital admissions.

    There are various options for vaccination, such as the regular injectable flu vaccine and the new nasal flu vaccine for children, the administration of which is much more convenient for the child.

    We will make notes on all vaccinations performed with us in your vaccination passport. If necessary, we will issue a new passport. 

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    Service: Nasal flu vaccine (for children aged 2-18)

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