Removing capillaries on the face

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Under exposure to various factors, such as burns, injuries, age-related changes or genetic predispositions, capillaries on the face may lose their elasticity and expand. As a result, redness on the face or separate small vascular spots become visible to the naked eye and appear through the skin. If the capillaries on the face become visible and you feel uncomfortable because of them, it is worth removing them with a simple laser procedure. At Confido Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, the removing of capillaries on the face is performed only by certified doctors.


To remove unwanted capillaries, only the patient’s desire is enough. A preliminary consultation with a dermatologist is not obligatory. The doctor will tell you the number of procedures necessary for complete removal of the capillaries during the face-to-face consultation at our clinic, but usually one procedure is enough to remove the single small vessels.


  • Acute inflammatory processes
  • Open wounds on face, burns, scratches
  • Serious exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • Recent tan
  • Pregnancy or lactation period
  • Predisposition to keloid scar formation
  • Oncological diseases
  • Autoimmune diseases

Most of the listed contraindications are relative and the decision on the possibility of removing capillaries is made by Confido Aesthetic Medicine Clinic on the basis of the face-to-face examination and individual features of the patient.

How is the procedure for the laser removal of capillaries on the face performed?

Laser removal of individual capillaries on the face at Confido Aesthetic Medicine Clinic is the most efficient, rapid and painless solution to this problem. The effect usually becomes apparent immediately after the procedure and gradually increases over the time.

The laser beam affects only extended capillaries. The surrounding tissues are not damaged. During the procedure, the doctor and patient wear special glasses protecting the eyes. The procedure takes a few minutes on average. At the end of the procedure, a soothing gel is applied to the treated skin, if necessary.

The procedure does not require anaesthesia; in the case of increased skin sensitivity, the patient may feel tingling. After the procedure, redness of the treated areas can be seen for a short time.

Before the procedure

Avoid the solarium and tanning for two weeks before the procedure. A few days before the procedure, do not use aggressive facial cleansing methods (scrubs, peels, etc). Do not apply makeup on the day of the procedure. If you are prone to swelling, limit fluid consumption on the day of the procedure. Notify your doctor if you take any medication.

After the procedure

During the first few hours, a slight redness can be observed that will resolve independently. The small vessels will disappear and the larger vessels will usually change their colour and then completely disappear within 1-2 weeks. During the first 14 days after the procedure, avoid baths and saunas and try to avoid direct sunlight and the solarium. Do not use vasodilating medicines.

Advantages of laser removal of single capillaries on the face:

  • The procedure is suitable for all skin phototypes
  • There is no risk of marks and scars
  • There is no skin damage
  • There is no need for preliminary preparation
  • After the procedure, a person can immediately return to their usual life
  • The procedure is rapid and almost painless
  • There is no significant discomfort for the patient

Prevention of the emergence of capillaries after the laser procedure

After the procedure, if you do not comply with a number of recommendations, capillaries may re-emerge again.

  • Do not abuse alcohol
  • Minimise coffee and chocolate in your diet
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes
  • Limit severe physical exercise, do not lift weights
  • Avoid frequent visits to baths, saunas and solarium
  • Do not eat too much and try not to eat fatty and spicy food
  • In some cases, capillaries on the face are a genetically predetermined problem. In this case, monitor the condition of the skin of the face and contact the laser medicine doctor at Confido Aesthetic Medicine Clinic in a timely manner to remove them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it worth removing capillaries on the face at Confido Laser Treatment Clinic?

We are the official medical expert centre of laser medicine in the Baltic States. Procedures are carried out by certified healthcare professionals only, using expensive and modern world-class equipment (Lumenis M22, Lumenis UltraPulse, DEKA). Therefore, we can provide the greatest and safest results with minimal discomfort for the patient.

Will there be crusts or blisters after the procedure?

The laser in our clinic has a very mild effect on skin areas when removing capillaries, so slight redness and swelling are possible, but there will be no crusts or blisters and, moreover, there will be no blood after our procedures. The redness and swelling will disappear on its own a few hours after the procedure.

How many sessions are needed?

The doctor of our clinic will be able to decide this after the initial examination, but usually one procedure is enough to remove single capillaries.

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