Our customers highly appreciate our flexibility, understanding and our assistance in dealing with matters


Confido Private Medical Clinic has customers from many different nationalities, both living in Estonia and from abroad. Our entire staff speak in a variety of languages, which enables many of our customers to communicate in their own language.

Our doctors, nurses and therapists are not only able to speak in English and Russian, but also in Finnish, Swedish, German and Spanish. Therefore, customers can communicate easily from the very first phone call. It is particularly important to be able to understand each other when it comes to health concerns.

Trust and professionalism are the foundation of good health services

Trust between doctor and patient is what we have based our centres upon, hence the choice we made for our centre’s name (Confido – confidence, trust). The trust, confidentiality and professionalism that we show our patients, is what they value the most.

„Nothing – especially not medicine – can be both cheap and fast and still good quality. Confido doctors are able to give enough time to delve into the most sensitive of health concerns,“ we have been told through feedback from our patients.

When more complex cases arise, a council of physicians convene to discuss how to find a solution for a patient’s health concerns as quickly as possible. And this is without the patient having to go from doctor to doctor between different clinics. We believe patient-centred solutions are one of our centre’s main strengths and specialties. 

Partner to insurance companies

At Confido, all customers are able to receive support and access to doctors or specialists, regardless of who covers the cost of the treatments. Customers can come to us with various health insurance providers, since our team is accustomed to dealing with various private health insurance agencies. We are partners with several of the larger insurance companies and are familiar with their rules. We often prepare the necessary documentation and receipts for compensation from the insurance companies, and when necessary, we will speak with the insurance company on behalf of our patients. This way, our clients do not have to spend time on these specifics and can focus on their health instead.

The quality and efficiency of our work has been recognized by many of our foreign customers. Read their feedback here »