Three basic services of occupational health check

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Nurse’s appointment

A nurse’s appointment involves the recording of your height, weight, waist measurement, blood pressure and BMI index (anthropometric data). We will talk about your lifestyle, quality of sleep and exercise level. An advance selection is made based on the data in your health declaration and you will also fill in a questionnaire on depression and stress, if necessary. Further testing/questionnaires are based on individual need.

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Optometrist’s consultation

An optometrist’s consultation includes an eyesight test and measurement of visual acuity, assessment of the health status of eyes (including contrast sensitivity, colour perception and assessment of field of vision), testing of eye pressure and assignment of glasses as well as issue of a prescription, if necessary. Patients will receive thorough instructions on how to maintain their eye health during everyday work (exercises for eyes and instructions regarding work with monitors).

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Occupational doctor consultation

We check the employee’s mobility and determine the cause of any abnormalities in mobility. We assess health disorders arising from the specific the nature of the work, go over problematic organ systems, map the skills/motivation to maintain work ability, provide instructions on the use of self-management techniques and maintaining/restoring work ability. We also determine any necessary analyses and involve specialists to further elaborate a diagnosis. The visit concludes with a decision by the occupational health doctor regarding their suitability for the position.

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