Medical laboratory SYNLAB carries out all the analyses for Confido


SYNLAB is the biggest medical laboratory in Estonia and is also part of the biggest laboratory network in Europe. The main role of SYNLAB is to offer laboratory services to general practitioners and specialists, hospitals, corporate wellness centres, and other organisations in the medical field.

However, in the thirteen bloodwork centres and laboratories across Estonia, they also serve private individuals offering them healthcare packages, single analyses, and consultations with laboratory doctors. For example, you can perform general or complaint-based health checkups, test for Lyme Disease, food intolerances, or allergies. There is also a specialised analyses offer for amateur athletes.

SYNLAB’s laboratory is one of the most modern ones in Europe. SYNLAB Eesti OÜ opens one of the most cutting-edge facilities with an area for full bloodwork analysis in Northern Europe at Veerenni Health Centre. The patients will be happy to know that this is where all the Confido analyses are also carried out.

Synlab Estonia carries out over six million analyses a year, with about 5000 different options. There will be over 100 employees at the Veerenni’s SYNLAB laboratory.

Blood analysis will be offered at Veerenni Monday to Friday 7.30-15.

For the patient
Phone: 17124

For the doctor
Phone: 17123