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The laser therapy department of Confido was until 2019 named Vitaclinika). It consists of 18 doctors, nurses and beauticians. Since 2002, we have been providing medical services in Estonia in the fields of dermatology, surgery, proctology, phlebology and gynecology, and offer in total for more than 250 modern and safe services. The special feature of laser procedures is their high efficiency and minimal recovery period compared to traditional medicine.
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    Lipoma removal

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    Lipoma (a benign tumor of adipose tissue) grows directly under our skin and consists mainly of adipose tissue. The classic lipoma is pea-sized, painless, and easily mobile. It is usually visible to the naked eye because it forms a lump on the skin. The size does not usually exceed the grain of the bean, but if neglected, it can grow to considerable size. A tumor can develop on any part of the body that contains adipose tissue. The resulting fat tumor may gradually expand and grow.

    How do lipomas form?

    Many doctors have associated increased lipomas with lifestyle changes, decreased physical activity, as well as changes in food composition, and significant increases in artificial supplements.

    Lipoma or lymph node?

    Often, the lipoma is similar to an inflammatory lymph node. However, the lymph node is easy to distinguish because inflammation of the lymph node is often accompanied by fever. Lymph nodes are located in certain places in the human body, while lipoma can be localized to any part of the body where subcutaneous fat is present. The lymph node can often be painful, but the lipoma is painless.

    Are lipomas dangerous?

    As a benign tumor, it does not endanger human life and, as a rule, the main indication for removal is aesthetic discomfort. But there is also a real threat to health. Adipose tissue can become infected and then its removal is much more inconvenient and may require larger incisions to remove the pus, which can leave a larger scar on the skin.

    How does lipoma removal work?

    There is a lot of so-called folk wisdom and recipes for lipomas on the Internet: raw eggs, garlic, blood weed, and even cinnamon. Under no circumstances should the formation be crushed, squeezed, or treated at home. This carries the risk of fatty tissue proliferation and the risk of purulent infection. The most suitable way to get rid of lipoma safely and quickly is to remove it surgically.

    After consultation with a dermatologist (and, if necessary, a surgeon), the most appropriate method is used to remove the formation with a scalpel or laser. The procedure is performed in a comfortable treatment room under local anesthesia under sterile conditions. A qualified surgeon removes the formation with a small incision that often does not even require suturing.

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