Marianne Kaasik

Marianne Kaasik

Mental Health Nurse

Marianne Kaasik graduated from Tartu Health Care College as a nurse in 2016 and obtained the mental health nurse speciality in 2018. She has been working in the field of mental health since 2015 when she started working as an assistant nurse at the Centre for Mental Health of Children and Adolescents at Tartu University Hospital. At the beginning of 2017, she started working at the South Estonian Hospital in the mental health office for children and adolescents. In the second half of 2017, in addition to Tartu University Hospital and South Estonian Hospital, she started working as a school nurse at the Emajõe Study Centre of the Maarjamaa Educational College (MEC). In the MEC, she was actively involved in creating a network between the school and mental health professionals in order to provide more targeted support and assistance to children attending the school.

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Specialist: Marianne Kaasik

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