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Unexpected injuries, traumas, or dislocations can happen to any of us during our daily activities. Often professional and personalised advice is required for the best advice and treatment.

At Confido, our doctor of chiropractic and physiotherapists are dedicated to help you assess your problem, give advice on the best treatment options, and help you recover without any complications.

The main goal of our physiotherapists and doctor of chiropractic is to help you recover effectively, so you can return to your regular daily life.

Important to know

  • When you come in for a consult, please take all the relevant documents with you (x-ray, MRI outcome, medical history, doctor’s referral etc)
  • Before the first appointment with a chiropractic fill in the questionnaire

Body composition analysis and counsultation

Body composition is measured with medical analyser that can measure body mass, body mass index, fat mass, skeletal muscle mass, body water, basal metabolic rate, active metabolic rate, and many other values that are necessary to assess body’s state of health.

You will receive immediate results alongside with nutritional advice that takes into consideration your metabolic rate and activity levels. You will also receive an overview of the state of your muscle mass, total body water, and a summary of your physical health with personalised recommendations to improve your health.

This analysis is recommended for:

  • Health-conscious people to change their lifestyle
  • Chronically ill people (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases)
  • Overweight and obese individuals to get an overview of their health and personalised recommendations on weight loss
  • Athletes to review their physical form and get recommendations on how to train more effectively

Good to know:

  • Body composition is measured by a medical analyser where you are asked to stand barefoot for a few minutes.
  • It is recommended not to eat for a few hours before the analysis.
  • Body composition analyser is not suitable during pregnancy, for people with arrhyhtmias, electronic implants (such as cardiac pacemakers), prostheses, or electronic life-support systems (such as artificial heart or lung).
Price 20 €
Duration 30 minutes
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Anne-Liise Verpson

Anne-Liise Verpson

Estonian, English, Russian
Gerly Truuväärt

Gerly Truuväärt

Estonian, English, Italian
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Consultation and a treatment session with a chiropractor

Chiropractic is a medication-free non-surgical method to relieve back and neck pains and headaches and to prevent and treat join problems. Chiropractic treatment is suitable from infants to elderly and consists of exact technical movements where joint movements are manually manipulated to ensure the flawless functioning of the nervous system. Chiropractor Truuväärt’s medical interests are prenatal and postnatal women, infants, and adolescents.

First consultation and a treatment session cost 90 euros, repeated treatment session with a chiropractor is 60 euros.

Chiropractor can help

  • prenatal mothers with lower back and neck pains or pubic bone pains 
  • postnatal mothers who suffer from pains due to labour or forced positions
  • newborns who need help adjusting their neck. Good spinal posture is during the first year is important for the correct development for an entire life
  • children and adolescents who suffer from posture problems due to forced positions, or sleeping or activity habits
  • if you experience headaches, neck, back, or shoulder pains, neck stiffness, lightheadedness, any symptoms related to carpal tunnel syndrome, or balance problems

Good to know

  • Please fill in a questionnaire before coming to your first consultation, these will give the chiropractor a better idea of your health and help to understand and diagnose you more accurately
  • Please arrive 5 minutes earlier to give chiropractor the time to get familiar with the information
  • Please come to the consultation well-rested, wearing comfortable clothes (you can change at Confido if needed) and flat shoes if possible
  • Please take your X-ray and MRI results with you if you have these. X-ray can be carried out in our centre if needed.
  • At least four hours before the appointment, try not take a painkiller and one hour before try not drink any coffee.


Physiotherapy focuses on preventing health problems, alleviating pain, and maintaining, improving, and restoring range of motion and strength of muscles.

To get help from a physiotherapist, you need to register for a first consultation where a comprehensive health assessment will be carried out, so the most effective and personalised treatment methods can be suggested based on your individual goals and needs. At the same time, physiotherapist and the patient will decide on the best treatment plan and the time schedule to carry it out.

First consultation also includes a physiotherapy session (such as exercises, manual therapy, massage or other methods).

The first consultation and therapy session is 45 euros and takes 50-60 minutes. Repeated session with a physiotherapist is 30 euros and lasts for 40 minutes.

When do we suggest a consultation with a physiotherapist?

  • Muscle strains and joint pains
  • Neck and shoulder problems
  • Headaches, lightheadedness, balance problems
  • Posture problems
  • Lower back pains
  • Radiating pain in arms and legs
  • To prevent and recover from sports traumas
  • Overload syndrome
  • Recovery after a surgery or trauma
  • Musculoskeletal problems due to forced positions
  • Recommendation from a doctor or a coach/trainer

Please fill in the questionnaire before the first consultation. It will give the physiotherapist a better idea of your health and help to understand and diagnose you more accurately. Please download the questionnaire, fill it in, and then send it to us, or alternatively, print it out, fill it in, and take it with you for the consultation.

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When one keeps track of their own health, he/she often has a better understanding of their own body than a doctor does.
Maris Perendi

Maris Perendi

Estonian, English, Russian
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