Confido Meditsiinikeskuse arstid

Doctors and specialists

Confido employs a wide range of doctors and various specialists who will advise you on preventing health issues as well as diagnose and treat any existing conditions. You can turn to our general practitioners with unexpected and urgent health issues as well as chronic illnesses. Specialists of all main medical fields work at Confido to help you with any concerns you have that are specific to their field. Our doctors also perform various medical procedures. In addition to doctors, Confido includes a number of other professionals who are dedicated to their field of expertise, such as specialists, therapists and massage therapists, who help solve both emotional and physical ailments.


Confido has experienced general practitioners and specialists in all main medical fields. You will always be able to quickly see our doctors without a referral, regardless of your health issue.


Nurses and midwives

Confido nurses and midwives provide primary advice on a wide range of health problems and engage in prevention so that you can stay healthy and maintain your health.



Confido has professional specialists, therapists and massage therapists dedicated to their field, who help prevent or treat your health issues individually or together with our doctors and nurses.


Important to know

After booking the time, you need to pay for the requested services in advance. Prepayments help to prevent cancelling of appointments and enable doctors to provide aid for more people.

  • You can come to the reception without an accompanying letter, and a consultation time will be available for you much sooner than in the national health care system.
  • Come ten minutes earlier.
  • Carefully analyse your complaints and find out when did they start and how have they changed in time.
  • If you happen to have previous case-related test results in your possession, take them with you. All the data in your health information system (Digilugu) is visible to us
  • If you are using medication, think carefully which ones you have been taking and what effect did they have on your well-being and health condition, and what medical advice you have been following.
  • The actual massage duration is typically five to ten minutes shorter than your booking. A few minutes are reserved both before and after the session to account for changing clothes, relaxing the mind, and re-emerging from your therapeutic state.