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Coronavirus tests and certificates

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    Coronavirus antigen testing at port of Tallinn (D terminal)

    We offer coronavirus testing at Port of Tallinn (D terminal) for travelling, with the issuance of the corresponding certificate.

    If you have symptoms of the disease, please contact 1220 or your family doctor. You must come for the coronavirus test with a face mask.

    Antigen tests determine the presence of coronavirus-specific proteins in a sample. Coronavirus tests are most sensitive when the amount of the virus in the body is at its highest – usually from a few days before to around five days after the onset of disease symptoms. Therefore, a positive antigen test result most likely means that the patient has recently fallen ill and is infectious to other people.

    For whom?

    Coronavirus antigen tests for travel are intended for people who need to rule out infection with COVID-19 so that they are able to travel to countries where coronavirus antigen test results are acceptable.

    How testing works?

    The sample is taken from the nasopharynx using a special cotton swab.

    How quickly are the results available?

    Antigen test results with the certificate are available within 30 minutes.

    Can the results be used as a travel certificate?

    Yes, a certificate for the coronavirus test result will be issued to the e-mail address of the person tested.

    When and where to come?

    We are located in the D-terminal of Port of Tallinn. We are open from Monday to Friday 6-21:30, Saturday 6-19:30 and Sunday 9-21:30. You need to book an appointment for the test!


    49 €


    up to 30 minutes

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