Confido Healthcare Group Introduces Paid Health Consultation Line 1500 that is also available in English


Confido Healthcare Group Introduces Paid Health Consultation Line 1500 that is also available in English

As of today, the Confido walk-in clinics start providing advice to people with health problems via their new paid health consultation line 1500, where help is also available in English. The walk-in clinics at shopping centres Nautica and Lasnamäe Centrum are temporarily closed and no patients are accepted there.

According to the chairman of the Confido Healthcare Group management board Tarmo Kärsna, there were three important reasons for temporary reorganisation of the activities of the walk-in clinics. „Containing the spread of infection by limiting physical contact, increasing the capacity to provide advice and, last but not least, extending the telemedicine services, so that they are not limited to just two shopping malls in Tallinn but can be provided to many people across Estonia,” Kärsna explained, adding that medical staff will answer this number in Estonian and in English.

„It is vital that as many doctors and nurses as possible remain healthy in the coming weeks, so that they can provide advice and help to people,” said member of the Confido management board Kadi Lambot. She explained that the main goal was to ensure access to health services to as many people as possible during the critical period that the state resources are at capacity to fight the pandemic.

According to Kadi Lambot the new paid health consultation line 1500 provides detailed professional health counselling every day from 9 am to 9 pm. The calls are answered by doctors and nurses with a possibility of personalised consultations, allowing doctors to also renew existing prescriptions for medicine and issue certificates for sick leave.

The service costs 2.50 euros per minute, which according to Lambot, is based on the prices at the walk-in clinics. „In the case of counselling by phone, it is easy to keep track of the length of the call and generally, the cost of the service will be cheaper for the patient,” Lambot maintained.

The Confido walk-in clinics that were opened in two shopping centres in Tallinn last December became quickly very popular, with more than 2 500 visits during their first few months of operation.

The Confido Healthcare Group joins the following clinics offering their services under various trademarks: Confido Private Medical Clinic providing the services of family physicians, general and specialised medical care, Confido Walk-in Clinics in shopping centers, Confido Mental Health Centre, Confido Addiction Treatment Center, Confido Occupational Health Expert Centre, Confido Radiology Center and Vitaclinika Laser Treatment Center.

OÜ Arstlik Perenõuandla, managing the popular family practitioner helpline 1220, is also member of the group. Altogether the companies of the group employ more than 200 different health care providers.