Laser epilation (hair removal)

Laser epilation is an effective way to get rid of body hair as it removes hair permanently and does not damage the skin. It can be done on all areas of the body and has no age limit. Laser hair removal targets the hair follicle and its pigment (which gives the hair its colour). The darker and denser the hair, the more effective the laser procedure.

    Laser hair removal on the legs

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    Laser hair removal on the legs is a safe and effective procedure for permanent removal of unwanted hair. After laser hair removal you will forget about leg hair for several years. Laser hair removal on the legs at Confido Aesthetic Medicine Clinic is performed using world-class equipment and only by personnel with higher medical education.

    How does it work? A short diode laser flash affects the hair pigment, melanin, and heats the hair follicle for a few milliseconds. As a result, the cells that provide nutrients to the hair are destroyed and the hair falls out and stops growing. This procedure removes existing hair, and also prevents the formation and growth of new and burrowing hair. Depending on the individual features of the patient, the number of hairs on the legs after a course of 6-10 procedures is reduced by 80-99%.

    Indications for laser hair removal on the legs

    Laser hair removal is indicated for those who are tired of fighting with undesirable hair on the legs and who consider their appearance non-aesthetic.

    The issue of hair growth on the legs is very common. Even fair hair may cause complexes for women. Another indication is a large number of burrowing hairs on the legs. Laser hair removal on the legs will quickly, delicately and, most importantly, permanently solve this problem.


    • Open wounds and inflammation on the skin of the lower extremities
    • Oncological diseases
    • Many moles on the legs
    • Common cold (with fever)
    • Pregnancy and lactation
    • Diabetes mellitus
    • Age below 16 years old
    • Painful menstruation on the day of the procedure

    Contraindications are relative, and the final decision on the procedure is made by the doctor or nurse at Confido Aesthetic Medicine Clinic during the physical examination and consultation immediately before the procedure. If the patient’s age is under 16 years old, the patient should come for a consultation with one of their parents.

    About the procedure

    The laser beam affects only the pigment, i.e. melanin. Due to the short heating, the cells that provide nutrients to the hair are destroyed and the hair falls out and stops growing. The laser beam virtually does not affect healthy skin and affects hair follicles only, so the pain during the procedure is minimal. The procedure takes 15 to 60 minutes. The recommended interval between procedures is 4-6 weeks.

    Step-by-step description of the procedure

    Before the procedure, all dirt is removed from the legs. Eyes are protected with glasses, and the laser procedure is carried out, which is felt as tingling. Following the procedure, the skin of the legs can be treated with a medical antiseptic and additional cooling is applied, if necessary, with application of the medicine for better regeneration.


    As a result of the procedure, some hairs will fall out immediately, and some over the next few days. After the course of procedures, the number of hairs on the legs is reduced by 99%.

    What do you need to know before the procedure?

    The laser beam affects only follicles that are in the stage of active growth. As new hairs are growing, laser hair removal should be repeated. A couple days before the procedure, you need to shave your leg hair. Avoid the solarium and tanning for two weeks before the procedure.

    After the procedure

    Immediately after the laser hair removal procedure, the patient can return to their normal life. On the skin on the legs, redness is possible, which will resolve by itself in the next few …. During the first 24 hours, try not to get water on the skin of the legs. Within 14 days after the procedure, avoid sunbathing and the solarium. It is recommended to use sun cream when going outside. Also use the skincare product recommended by the doctor or nurse at Confido Aesthetic Medicine Clinic.

    Comparative analysis with other procedures

    Laser hair removal is a rapid, effective and relatively painless way of removing unnecessary hair from the legs. The pain is several times lower compared with wax hair removal. After laser hair removal, there will be no irritation, burrowing hairs, cuts on the skin of the legs or any other consequences inherent in other types of hair removal.

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    • Is laser hair removal harmful to health?
      The procedure has been used in medicine to remove hair for decades and is completely safe. During the procedure, there is no negative effect on the patient’s skin or body.
    • How many procedures are needed for a complete hair removal course?
      Typically, the course consists of 6-10 procedures.
    • How long does the laser hair removal procedure on the legs take at Confido Aesthetic Medicine Clinic?
      It takes from 45-120 minutes depending on the selected area.
    • What is the advantage of laser hair removal on the legs at Confido?
      We are the official medical expert centre of laser medicine in the Baltic States, and the procedures at our clinic are only carried out by certified healthcare professionals using expensive and modern world-class equipment Lumenis LightSheer Duett. Therefore, we can provide the greatest and safest result with minimal discomfort for the patient.
    • Is it possible to perform laser hair removal on a tattoo?
      No, in order to remove hair on a tattoo, it is necessary to remove the tattoo first or epilate this zone using another non-laser method, for example, mechanically.

    Pre-laser epilation consultation
    25 €
    Epilation one pulse
    10 €
    Epilation of the knees
    65 €
    Epilation of the thighs
    180 €
    Epilation of the shins (below the knee)
    150 €
    Full length epilation for legs
    270 €

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