Brightening facial treatment with vitamin C

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    Scientific advances in nanotech and the discovery of new synergies between ingredients have made it possible to create the best version of TIMEXPERT C+ to significantly boost resistance to oxidative stress and therefore also to visible signs of ageing such as dark spots, moisture loss and dull skin tone.

    Restores brightness! Fight fatigue with vitamin C

    For the first time ever, the treatment provides a sixfold effect of pure vitamin C thanks to the patented HLG nanopolymer that revolutionises the formulation, deeply nourishes skin cells and allows the gradual release of actives. 

    Nanopolymer HLG® makes real vitamin C six times more effective and protects it en route to the deeper layers of the skin. 1% vitamin E and 0.5% ferulic acid combined with a high concentration of 10% vitamin C makes for a powerful anti-ageing effect.

    Vitamin C can stop the effect of free radicals causing photoaging. Furthermore, vitamin C can repair damage caused by sun exposure. It improves skin luminosity, reduces dark spots and evens out the skin tone. It promotes the synthesis of collagen to make the skin stronger. It also increases skin moisture levels.

    C+ E+ Ferulic acid is a winning combination for dermatologists.

    The synergy of these excellent antioxidants greatly increases the effects of vitamin C, bringing desirable additional benefits: they even out skin tone, neutralise damage caused by free radicals and slow the ageing process. UME extract from the prized Japanese plum variety contains twice the protein, minerals and fats of other fruits and contributes to youthful skin.

    After one treatment:

    98% brighter and energised skin
    95% stress-free skin
    86% more even skin tone
    100% better moisturisation levels
    89% blurred expression wrinkles and lines

    The facial treatment with vitamin C makes use of a special Fitness facial massage ball for a revitalising skin massage, which makes the skin dramatically more vibrant and tauter and boosts luminosity. At the same time, it reduces musculoskeletal tensions and provides excellent relaxation. The massage acts as fitness warming and modelling for the face, relieves stress points from tension and provides ultimate relaxation. Improves skin micro-circulation, eliminates toxins and lifts the skin. 

    Brightening facial treatment with vitamin C
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    80 min

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    Service: Brightening facial treatment with vitamin C

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