Many new health and wellness services


In addition to general practicioners and specialists, Confido Private Medical Clinic will offer several new services to maintain and restore good health.

Our centre is unique as our team only consists of premier specialists, we offer various effective approaches, and take people’s own preferences and beliefs into consideration. We also combine classical Western medicine with Traditional Chinese Medicine, various Japanese therapies, music and psychotherapy, meditation, and trainings.

In addition to our general and family practitioners, our team also has cardiologists, neurologist, urologist, cardiovascular surgeon, ophthalmologist, nephrologist, pulmonologist, gynaecologist, neurosurgeon, haematologist, endocrinologist, surgeon, otolaryngologist, and a certified sleep doctor.

We only hire premier specialists to help our patients.

At Veerenni Health Centre we have plenty of space for our clients and thus we are able to grow our team and offer several new services. We can offer radiological services and we welcome doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine, doctor of chiropractic, physiotherapists, music therapists, and other specialists.

  • Chinese Medicine Centre
    Chinese Medicine Centre Tervise Alkeemia opens their new branch at Confido Wellness Centre where Dr. Rene Bürkland and Dr. Tiia Liivalaid will see clients. As the first clinic in Estonia, we will join the classical Western medicine and the best practices of Chinese medicine. Read more »
  • Chiropractor
    Chiropractor Dr Gerly Truuväärt has helped thousands of Estonians in her Kiropraktika Stuudio. In addition to back problems, her interests are prenatal and postnatal women, infants with birth trauma, and teenagers. Read more »
  • Women’s health physiotherapist
    Women’s health physiotherapist Helle Nurmsalu Women’s physiotherapist Helle Nurmsalu is the creator of Kõhukliinik and helps women who have weak abdominal or pelvic floor muscles suffer from diastasis, perineal laceration, or limitation in movements. Read more »
  • Coaching
    ACC Coach Tiina Keskküla offers individual and executing coaching sessions. Coaching is a form of work between a client and the coach that helps to the clients to discover and improve themselves, achieve their goals, be more aware of their choices, and take control of their own life. Read more »
  • Physiotherapist
    Physiotherapist Maris Perendi’s main goal is to understand the problem, give advice on effective treatment options, preventing injuries, and to help an individual recover quickly and effectively to return to daily life as soon as possible. Read more »
  • Health and wellbeing coach
    Health and wellbeing coach Triinu Tamsar helps people to change lifestyle habits, fight addictions, or break behavioural patterns. As a health psychologist, she can also assist people with chronic conditions and their loved ones to accept the change and improve their quality of life. Read more »
  • Optometrist and ophthalmologist
    Optometrist Riina Jädal checks eyesight, handles the prescription of lenses, adjusts prescriptions, and offers associated counselling. Ophthalmologist Dr. Margarita Rebrov diagnoses and treats eye diseases.
  • Trainings and lectures
    At our wellness centre, people can take part in health promoting lectures and trainings. Well-known pilates instructors Britt Kalbus and Eve Paju offer group trainings and individual classes. Physiotherapist Maris Perendi carries out trainings to relieve back problems. At the world of yoga, internationally trained instructor Piret Aunapuu helps you to work on your body and mind, and a set of Chinese exercises qigong is carried out by Virge Naeris, an experienced professional in the field.
  • Music therapy
    Music therapy centre opens at our wellness centre. Music therapist Alice Pehk and her team are here to help you with world-renown therapy that helps to relieve stress and resolve emotional struggles.