Dr Pille Konno

Dr Pille Konno


Dr Pille Konno has graduated from the University of Tartu, Faculty of Medicine (1994) and residency in dermavenerology at the University of Tartu (2000). Currently in addition to clinical work, she is doing research, as part of Doctorate studies, in the field of melanoma diagnostics, at the University of Tartu. The doctor has received additional training in Germany at the Charite Clinic in Berlin, the St. Joseph Clinic in Bochum, in Hamburg and in Rome, Italy, at the Tor Vergata University. Dermatovenerology deals with problems of the skin, nails, as well as hair, regardless of age or gender. Early diagnosis of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer is extremely important! Pille believes that correctly timed diagnostics and adequate cure will ensure beautiful, healthy skin and a better quality of life. The best curative results are always achieved in cooperation with the patient.

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Specialist: Dr Pille Konno

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Our skin is our biggest organ! You only have one skin – protect it from the sun! My aim as a doctor is to find the illness or help the patient understand what to do to fix problems related to skin, nails and hair. I have focused my attention on differentiating between types of skin rashes. When a patient is sick, I try to find the best treatment method to help them. My professional passion lies in the early diagnosis of melanoma and skin cancer. I also help patients with other dermatovenerological problems. Let’s make skin better!

Working languages

  • Estonian
  • English
  • Russian