At the Confido Radiology Centre, we perform various investigations with modern diagnostic devices. We offer:

A physician should always be consulted regarding the need for the investigation.

We accept children only from 15 years old.

Please note:

  • A physician’s referral is required for X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography investigations.
  • Ultrasound investigation can be performed without a physician’s referral.

Ultrasound investigations

Ultrasound is based on the reflection of inaudible sound from the surface of tissues and attenuation due to the acoustic properties of the tissues.


X-ray investigations

The X-ray result is a digital image from which the radiologist and/or treating physician obtains the necessary information for further treatment of the patient.


Computed tomography scans

A CT scan is a radiological investigation method that uses ionising radiation to obtain layered and three-dimensional images of the human body. The amount of radiation used in this scan is higher than in a normal X-ray.


Magnetic resonance imaging

MRI uses a magnetic field and radio waves to create an image of the organs. MRI does not use ionising radiation e.g. X-ray.