Jane Rannamets-Heinsalu

Jane Rannamets-Heinsalu


Jane Rannamets-Heinsalu has graduated from the specialty of a psychologist at Tallinn University (2010–2015) and the counselling and psychotherapy private school SACH International (2008–2011), completed basic training in family therapy (2016) and has a certificate in transpersonal psychotherapy (2016). Jane highly values professional development and has attended various professional training courses. Her first academic degree is from the Estonian National Art Institute. As a psychologist-therapist, Jane uses various therapeutic methods to provide people relief from stress, depression, anxiety or any other crisis. Everyone's story is different, which is why Jane uses the therapies that suit that specific person the best, and adds her experience and insight.

I use various therapeutic methods to help people find themselves again in times of stress, depression, anxiety or personal or relationship crises. Increased self-awareness helps them find and use opportunities within themselves to develop into a balanced individual. Each person's story is unique. To help them through their crisis, I use everything I have learnt: various therapeutic techniques, experiences, wisdom. It's like a creation tailored specifically to the person to help bring out the best in them.

Working languages

  • Estonian
  • English