Evelyn Tamme

Evelyn Tamme

Clinical psychologist - on parental leave

Evelyn Tamme graduated from Tartu University with a Master's in psychology (2013) and has completed basic training in cognitive behavioural therapy. She is a licensed clinical psychologist (Level 7) and a licensed neuropsychologist (Level 7), having acquired the vocation of a neuropsychologist (Level 7) as further qualifications. Evelyn counsels adolescents and adults and provides individual psychotherapy. Evidence-based intervention methods can only be planned based on a prior assessment of the mental and emotional condition and problem-mapping. She mainly uses cognitive behavioural methods and techniques for therapy intervention purposes. Evelyn takes special interest in anxiety and mood disorders.

"In one and the same environment, each person lives in their own world." (A. Schopenhauer) We can't choose our experiences or the environment around us, but we can choose how we react and shape our behavioural patterns through that to increase our quality of life and general coping abilities. Psychotherapy is an intervention based on cooperation with the aim of supporting emotional and psychological difficulties and treating mental health problems – as a clinical psychologist, I can help and support my patients on this journey. I offer counselling and individual psychotherapy for young people and adults. Evidence-based intervention methods are planned on the basis of a prior evaluation of the client's psychological and emotional state and problem-mapping. I mainly use cognitive behavioural methods and techniques in therapeutic interventions.

Working languages

  • Estonian
  • English