Confido PREMIO

Our general and specialist doctors at the Confido Medical Centre offer high-quality and accessible health services. Modern health services should be comprehensive. The Confido PREMIO concept was created from an aspiration to provide comprehensive health services, of which one aspect is that Confido’s patients are offered world-class preparations. 

World-class preparations are characterised by their strong scientific basis, clinical trials published in renowned international scientific journals, a composition that meets the precise requirements, efficacy and safety studies, patented components as well as awards from international competitions. Highly regarded medical scientist and Professor of Medical Biochemistry, Mihkel Zilmer, is a leader of a competent and independent scientific committee and a renowned science advocate, and he has diligently and carefully selected a product portfolio that meet the above-mentioned requirements.

As a result of this, Confido is packed with cutting-edge products created in cooperation with the world’s leading biotech companies, which help realise people’s dearest wish – to live as many healthy and high-quality years as possible! Prevention helps to deliver the greatest results. If you have already seen us for a certain health concern, then it’s certainly worth turning your attention to our shelves. We encourage everybody to come and examine our wide range of world-class preparations, as well as invest in their own health and the health of their loved ones. 

The product portfolio contains products that can help with the following:

  1. Support physical and mental capabilities
  2. Alleviate symptoms caused by chronic illnesses
  3. Support the body’s metabolic, anti-inflammatory and immunological capabilities
  4. Prevent premature aging

The Confido PREMIO product line of world-class preparations are sold in the following locations:

  1. Confido Medical Centre
  2. Veerenni 53 Clinic
  3. Rocca Al Mare Walk-in Clinic
  4. Nautica Walk-in clinic
  5. Lasnamäe Centrum Walk-in clinic
  6. Viru clinic
  7. Confido’s Walk-in-Clinic in Lõunakeskus shopping centre

Confido PREMIO preparations are made for your well-being. Our highly-qualified staff is always prepared to assist you in finding the correct product. 

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