Pain & the nervous system


If there is a dissonance in the body which tends to amplify and manifest itself as pain or aggravation of the function of certain body areas or organs, solutions should be looked for.

We recommend you to undergo various therapies (physical exercises, massage and different physiological treatment methods) to prevent and soothe nerve diseases and pain, and because they are an important part of the treatment plan

We will find the best solution by combining the traditional western medicine with alternative medical practices from around the world.


  • The therapies do not require a doctor’s recommendation.
  • The therapies alleviate the symptoms of pain, improve quality of life and assist you in moving towards a pain-free life.
  • Sometimes it is better to have multiple sessions in a row because it helps to strengthen the effect of the therapy and guarantee a more long lasting result.
  • The therapists will advise you on the appropriate number and frequency of sessions.

Kinesio taping

Kinesio tape is a thin elastic tape that when placed on the skin, soothes pain of head, sash, joints and muscles, and relieves complications arising from dislocated joints or traumas.

It does not contain medicine, but its waterproofness and air permeablity make it comfortable and wearable for long stretches of time. Its elasticity is comparable to that of human muscles.

Its effect arise from placing it to the desired location in a way that improves flow of nutrients and gases, reduces swelling and pressure on the painful area. Price of taping an area with Kinesio tape is 25 euros. The first visit also includes a consultation with the doctor and this adds 50 euros to the cost.

Effect of Kinesio taping

  • Improved sensitivity of muscles and therefore their strength is increased
  • Improved lymhpatic and blood circulation, reduction of swelling
  • Improved circulation and better flow of nutrients and gases in the area
  • Reduction of pain and improved body's natural ability to heal
  • The tape supports the joints and helps to avoid making unnecessary movements

Cost of the procedure: 25 € per area
Duration of the procedure: up to 30 minutes


We recommend Kinesio taping in case of:

  • sports injury
  • dislocated joints or tear of strain
  • limited movements
  • sciatica
  • head, neck or shoulder pain
  • recovering from an operation or trauma
  • arthritis
  • chronic disease
  • wanting to prevent injuries
Janika Vaikjärv

Janika Vaikjärv

Yumeiho therapist (Dan 3), masseur
Estonian, English
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Yumeiho therapy

Yumeiho is a Japanese holistic therapy that uses deep tissue massage and methods (of manipulating the joints) of Sei Tai to readjust and balance the spinal column and pelvis. It helps to alleviate the medical condition and supports the spontaneous healing of the body. It improves your posture and makes your organs function better, alleviates muscle tension, neck, head and back pain and boosts your metabolism.

For a lasting cure of chronic pain and problems with posture, we recommend a longer course of treatment. For women who have trouble getting pregnant or have a risk of miscarriage we recommend a five-session therapy which is followed by a cyclical therapy that is set according to the menstrual cycle.

Yumeiho therapy is performed on a mat and through clothes. All the areas of the body are massaged and all joints are given treatment. The therapy is painless.

When is the therapy recommended?

  • In case of problems with posture
  • In case of neck, head, back, leg and hip pain.
  • In case of joint and muscle pain
  • In case of painful menstruation
  • If you just would like to relax and feel lite

What should you know about the therapy?

  • It is not recommended to eat before the therapy.
  • Wear comfortable clothes (pants, long sleeved shirt, socks).
  • After the therapy it is best to rest and drink a lot of water.
  • You should avoid physical exercise and sauna 24 hours after the therapy.
  • Dizziness or headaches may occur during 24 hours after the therapy and they are usually over in 36 hours. It is a perfectly normal response of the body.
  • The therapy is not suitable for pregnant women or if six months has not passed since giving birth, having an operation or suffering from a trauma.
Price of the therapy: 50 €
Duration of the therapy: 50-60 minutes

MER-connective tissue massage

MER (Myofascal Energetic Realease) connective tissue massage is a combination of slow and forceful stretching of the soft and connective tissue and of joint release techniques.

The main causes for muscle tension and pain are overstrain and weariness of the muscles which are caused by static positions of the body. They block blood circulation and inflow of oxygen into the soft and sensitive tissues where nerve endings and pain receptors are located. Tense muscles and tendons put pressure on nerve fibers and cause up to 90% of all chronic pain.

If the right amount of pressure is put onto the connective tissue in the right way, then muscles and tendons will stretch and become flexible. Thereby, the body will be relieved of pain and tension. Also, the slow, deep and enjoyable movements make the nervous system more relaxed, restore emotional balance, revive the self-healing capability of the body and improve posture. Recommended from the age of 16.

Effects of the massage

  • reduces stress, mental and muscular tension, restores energy
  • increases the mobility of joints
  • reduces chronic pain
  • removes the old fixed patterns of the body
  • deeper and calmer sleep
  • improves lymphatic and blood circulation
  • balances pelvis and spinal column, improves posture
  • better flow of energy and greater sense of the body

Good to know

  • The massage is performed on the naked body on the massage table.
  • For better results we recommend having more than one session.
  • During the massage, it is important to breathe deeply and calmly. Breathing calms the body and the mind, releases tensions and helps to dissolve the most painful knots of tension.
  • The force used in the massage is up to your preference. The massage should not bring about sharp pain. In certain areas the so called pleasurable pain can occur.
  • The massage is not suitable for pregnant women, people with hernia, with a heart stimulator, with a diagnose of deep venous thrombosis, with serious skin diseases, with a diagnosis of severe rheumatic disease, or before six months have passed of an operation. Consult a therapist if you have osteporosis, varixes, high or low blood pressure or gastric ulcers.
  • The duration of the massage is 60 minutes. Arrive 10 minutes earlier for the body and mind to relax. Leave time for another 10 minutes for recovering from the massage.
Price of the therapy: 40 €
Duration of the therapy: ~60 minutes
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Tiina Tammiste

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