Mari-Liis Kaldoja

Mari-Liis Kaldoja

Clinical child psychologist, neuropsychologist (on maternity leave)

Mari-Liis Kaldoja graduated from the University of Tartu and has a doctorate in psychology (2015). Mari-Liis is the only psychologist in Estonia to hold the highest occupational qualification (level 8) as a clinical psychologist, neuropsychologist and clinical paediatric psychologist. She has worked as a clinical paediatric psychologist and a paediatric neuropsychologist at the Children’s Clinic of Tartu University Hospital and later at Tallinn Children’s Hospital. Mari-Liis takes special interest in cognitive, socioemotional and behavioural disorders associated with brain damage and the specifics of brain development as well as suitable treatment methods. She continues her in-depth work in monitoring the socioemotional and cognitive development of children who have suffered brain trauma, have epilepsy, are on the autism spectrum or have an autoimmune disease.

I have the highest occupational qualification level (8) as a clinical psychologist, neuropsychologist and clinical child psychologist. In addition to working as a child neuropsychologist, I am an associate professor of child neuropsychology at Tallinn University. I am very interested in cognitive, socio-emotional and behavioural disorders caused by brain damage and brain development issues and am working with medical and scientific institutes in Estonia and abroad to create and adapt science-based, cost-effective and child-friendly neuropsychology evaluation and intervention tools in Estonian. In my clinical work with young patients, I try to use the newest science-based child- and family-friendly evaluation and treatment methods.

working languages

  • Estonian
  • English