Inbank payment in instalments

In cooperation with Inbank, Confido offers an option to pay for medical services in instalments. Inbank instalment payment is a convenient way to turn a large one-time expense into a small monthly expense.

We only allow payment in instalments for surgical services from €1000 (incl. VAT).

Surgical services may include pre-operative and post-operative tests, examinations and bed day fees whose cost depends on your individual health status. When requesting payment in instalments, please note that funding can only be requested for the cost of an operation for which a prepayment invoice has been sent to you.

Advantages of Inbank instalment payment:

  • Flexible solution for higher expenses
  • You choose the amount of the instalment payment
  • You choose the payment date

Conditions of Inbank instalment payment:

  • Amount €1000-10,000
  • Payment period 3-72 months
  • 0% down payment
  • Interest 8.9% of amount to be financed
  • Contract fee €20
  • Management fee €0.9/month

Instalment calculator

Request payment in instalments here

Please only make a request once you have a confirmed booking and have received the invoice.

The instalment credit cost rate is 20.64% per annum under the following model conditions: price of the contract object immediately payable (net price) EUR 2000, credit amount EUR 2000, down payment EUR 0, contract period 12 months, fixed interest rate 8.9% per year, contract fee EUR 20, monthly management fee EUR 0.9. The monthly instalment is EUR 184.11, the total amount of credit and the amount of repayments is EUR 2209.32. The creditor is AS Inbank Finance.  Before concluding a contract, carefully read the terms of the desired contract and, if necessary, consult an expert.

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